NFT Song Writers Music Quest

Rules and Regulations

 1. The Competition is open to persons of all ages, gender, and nationalities.

2.  Each contestant can submit one song only. The language of the song must be Cantonese, Mandarin or English.

3.  The registration fee (HK$100) is not transferable, and no refund is possible.

4.  Entries with incomplete information will be considered invalid.

5.  A contestant will be disqualified for providing any false or misleading information.

6.  Once the registration is submitted, no changes to the submitted information and song entry will be allowed.

7. A submission must include lyrics sung and recorded as a song demo which cannot exceed 6 minutes. All songs will be distributed on the MUXIC NFT music platform for worldwide audiences to listen to and cast their votes.

8. If no contestants will meet the standard of the judges, no awards may be awarded.

9. No one may object to the final decision made by the judges.

10. For any contestants who violate the rules and terms of the Competition, the judging team reserves the right to disqualify them and cancel their awards.

11. The songs submitted for the contest must be original unpublished works in terms of both the melody and the lyrics. For works that successfully entered the Competition, the writer(s) of the song shall enter a single song publishing agreement with Passport Publishing.

12. The top three winners will individually record their songs with the executive producer Mr. Alvin Leong, which will subsequently be minted as featured NFTs on the MUXIC platform.

13. By submitting a song, the owner grants the MUXIC platform (and the Competition) the right to stream/broadcast, and to publish the song.

14. All personal information collected for the purpose of participating in NFT Song Writers Music Quest 2022 will be kept confidential. The organizer reserves the right to use the relevant information for the promotion of the Competition and related events.

15. The organizer reserves the right to amend the Competition details, dates, rules and terms, awards, and members of the judging panel without prior notice.

16. Once a submission is successfully completed, the contestant is deemed to have agreed to the rules and regulations of the Competition.

17. In case of any disputes, the organizer reserves the right for the final decision.

Privacy Policy:

The personal information (including phone number and email address) provided by a user at sign-up is strictly for internal use only and will be kept confidential and appropriately protected.